The Best Tinnitus Remedies for Effective Treatment

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Tinnitus Remedies : Safe, Effective and Natural Remedies

Tinnitus is a very common condition. Most people will experience a constant ringing sensation in ears several times in a lifetime. Temporary and very subtle sensations are not classified as tinnitus. Those could be transient sensations owing to some irritation which subside in time. Tinnitus is a chronic condition and it can persist for a lifetime, getting worse over the years.

Tinnitus Remedies

What is Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a medical condition characterized by a constant ringing sensation in either or both ears and often in the head when there is no external sound. In other words, the ringing, buzzing, clicking, whooshing, whistling, hissing and static sounds or sensations are apparently without any cause or prevalent noise whatsoever.

The sensation can be compared with the aftermath of hearing an explosion or a very loud noise. The auditory senses are numbed for a while and people don’t get to hear much but there is a dull sensation and a strange ringing or static in the ears. When this happens without being exposed to any loud noise or explosion and apparently no audible influence, it is perceived as tinnitus subject to further diagnosis.

More than thirty kinds of sounds have been associated with tinnitus. They have been classified as the variants of the constant ringing sensation in ears. Tinnitus is not a one-off experience. For the condition to be diagnosed as tinnitus, the symptoms must be persistently prevalent. The sensation can be permanent. It could be intermittent or even erratic without any identifiable pattern and frequency.

Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus has a myriad of causes. Being exposed to very loud noise, be it any specific sound or just loud music, can cause the bothersome noises in the ears and the strange sensations. An ear infection can lead to tinnitus. Flies, random tiny objects and toxic materials can cause ear infections which may eventually cause tinnitus. Neural disorders or neurological ailments, wax buildup and nasal allergies can cause tinnitus. Withdrawal subsequent to substance abuse, during therapy or after stopping a certain medication can also cause the symptoms of tinnitus. Whether or not it is tinnitus and the symptoms prevail over a period of time well after the withdrawal phase will influence the diagnosis. Headphones or earphones are also causing tinnitus among avid users of portable music players and smart phones.

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Symptoms of Tinnitus

It all starts with slight discomfort and a little quaint sensation in the ears. Usually, it is only one ear that is affected. The other ear may get affected soon or it may take a while. In some cases, both ears get affected at the same time. The constant ringing sensation is initially unobvious. One doesn’t realize the sensation until it gets more noticeable. Over time, it is impossible to not realize the strange sounds within the ears and at times inside the head. This sensation is not only discomforting and distracting but it can also cause substantial stress, panic and can make a person lose calm.

As the condition gets more severe or worsens, tinnitus will affect posture, body balance, focus and endurance. People may have headaches. Concentration will suffer. A person may not be able to do the simplest of chores. Complicated tasks become a daunting challenge. Tinnitus will certainly affect all aspects of life.

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Diagnosis of Tinnitus

The first step is to visit an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist. You may also consult an audiologist. A successful diagnosis requires impeccable assessment and identifying the exact cause of tinnitus in a given case. Most people do not get any desirable results of a tinnitus treatment because the problem is not effectively diagnosed. When a sound is inside your head and there is no apparent reason, you actually do not have a problem to solve. Thus, it is upon the diagnosis and assessment methods of an ENT specialist, audiologist or the procedures at a hearing center that would be decisive in any tinnitus treatment.

Audiologists or ENT specialists usually conduct high frequency audiometry tests and pitch matching, measuring your ears’ sensitivity to different kinds of sounds and there is a thorough study of your entire medical history including your detailed description of the experience with tinnitus. A complete tinnitus assessment will lead to identifying the actual cause or it would narrow down the possibilities to a few causes.

Tinnitus can be caused due to exposure to stress, specific types of sounds, medications or drugs. There can be some uncommon reason as well. Underlying ailments or specific medical conditions can also cause tinnitus which must be diagnosed at length. Tinnitus may also accompany a steady or abrupt decline of auditory senses.

Treatment for Tinnitus

There are various perceptions about tinnitus and one of the major ones is that there is no surefire tinnitus treatment. You should consult an ENT specialist or visit your nearest hearing centre. An ENT specialist may combine natural remedies for tinnitus with medical intervention. From homemade remedies to surgery, there are many options at your disposal depending on the exact cause and the condition of your tinnitus.

The exact choice of treatment for tinnitus will depend on your ENT specialist or audiologist and it would partly depend on your preference. Some specialists suggest surgery. But it is not always surefire. There is no known medication that can help you alleviate tinnitus overnight. There are some medical procedures and some homemade remedies or natural cures for tinnitus.

Natural Remedies for Tinnitus

• You may consider ginkgo biloba. It is a herb with antibacterial and antifungal properties. It improves blood flow to the ears and can reduce the ringing sensation. You can buy herbal extracts of ginkgo biloba at drug stores. It is a topical solution. Do not ingest it.

Apple cider vinegar is used by many people suffering from tinnitus. It can cure any underlying infection that may be causing or worsening the symptoms of tinnitus. To use it, you must mix a bit of apple cider vinegar with honey or you can use water. For two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar you would need a glass of water. If you use honey, just a tinge of it would be enough. Blend the mixture and drink it twice a day. This is not a topical treatment so don’t apply it in your ears.

• You can use basil. It is known to provide relief from different kinds of pain. It can contain the severity of irritation caused by tinnitus. Get some basil leaves, get a blender and make a paste. Get a strainer and extract the juice from the paste. Warm the juice a little. Get a dropper and apply a few drops in the affected ear. Do not overheat the extract to an extent that it burns your skin. Just lukewarm temperature would do. Do not use more than three drops at a time. Use it for both ears if both are affected. You can repeat this twice a day for a week or so and assess your symptoms. This is a topical solution. Do not ingest it.

Onions have been used as a homemade remedy for tinnitus. Take a small onion, chop it into very tiny pieces, heat it for up to two minutes in a microwave, allow it to cool and then get a strainer to extract its juice. Like the basil extract, you should apply two or three drops in the affected ear or ears. Allow the extract to be in the affected ear or ears for a few minutes, three to five usually, and then let it drain out. Just turn or tilt your head so the affected ear is facing the ground and the extract will drain out of the ear. You can do this a few times every week.

• There are many such homemade remedies. Garlic used with sesame oil is deemed effective for tinnitus. Injecting saline solution into the nostrils with the help of a spray bottle can alleviate the symptoms. Ginger and hot water mixed with mustard oil can reduce the symptoms. Heating pad or warm compress can also provide some relief.

Consuming alcohol and smoking will worsen tinnitus so quitting is the best approach. Regular use of aspirin can also worsen the symptoms. Getting regular exercise, staying away from explosive noises, doing yoga and meditating would be of help.

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Best of all Tinnitus Remedies

There is a definitive cure for tinnitus, what is being hailed as the best of all known tinnitus remedies. You can find the secret in Tinnitus Miracle. There is no overnight cure. But there is a cure and it is not surgery that costs a fortune or some herb that is grown widely. There is a need to approach tinnitus and remedying it in a holistic manner. Lifestyle changes, exercise, training the mind, immunity and enhanced sensory perceptions are at the crux of the most effective treatment of all known tinnitus remedies.

Explore the secrets shared in the Tinnitus Miracle, practice them and you could be completely free from the unpleasant and maddening experience of living with tinnitus. Are you ready to welcome a new life, a healthier lifestyle and a worriless presence?

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Tinnitus Remedies

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