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Ringing in Ears Got You Down? What You Need to Do

Everyone experiences ear aches, numbness and strange sensations such as aural fullness several times in a lifetime. Like every other organ in the human body, the ears too have their share of vulnerabilities.

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The healthiest people in the world, not just by the virtue of body mass index but one who has an impeccable medical history having, may not experience dulling sensations and ringing in ears, they may not suffer from any kind of infections in the ear and they may even be spared the otherwise harmless earwax buildup.

One or both ears suddenly going partially deaf when you cannot hear everything as clearly as you are accustomed to, blockage in one or both ears and a myriad of other feelings are quite common.

You don’t need to be anxious if any anomaly is transient or temporary. You should pay heed to the strange sensations if they persist, say beyond a few days or a week. Something as simple as dirt or dead skin cells in your ears can cause some kind of blockage and thus impair how well and clearly you can hear. Something as complicated as tinnitus can be the real cause and you should not ignore the symptoms if they do not subside in a week.

Causes of Ringing in Ears

Let us understand how the ear works in the simplest manner possible. There are two parts of the human ear, one outside that one can partly see and can access up to the eardrum. The other part is behind the eardrum. The eardrum separates the exterior visible and accessible part from the interior eustachian tube.

Causes of Ringing in Ears

There is an inner ear pressure that keeps water and other materials out. When there is an imbalance in the inner ear pressure and the atmospheric pressure, we have subtle sensations. There is a reason why people have different hearing or audible experiences at sea level and atop a mountain, a few thousand feet above. The atmospheric pressure reduces as altitude increases.

Constant ringing in ears can be caused by many conditions. Loud ringing in ears is common if you are exposed to an unbearably loud noise, say an explosion. If you are continuously exposed to sustained uncomfortable noises, such as at a factory or in any industrial space where large machines are operational and there is constant exposure to high decibels, you will experience ringing in ears.

Blood pressure, health and cleanliness of the ears, structural anomalies and injuries are also possible causes of constant ringing in ears. While it is likely you are suffering from tinnitus if you hear constant ringing or buzzing in one or both ears, yet it is worthwhile to note other possible causes, all of which may absolutely coexist with tinnitus.

Ear infections such as otitis externa and otomycosis are common, especially among swimmers. You may experience ringing sensations, itching, fullness, pain and fluid discharge. One of the first symptoms would be muffled hearing, which is also one of the first signs of tinnitus, albeit the ringing becomes a dominating sensation.

Microbial infections in the canal, not cleaning earwax, any kind of trauma the ear may have been subjected to, unclean ears, tissue inflammation and even cold can cause or facilitate ringing and other strange sensations in your ears.

Ringing in Ears

There are many conditions, including some diseases, that can cause ringing in the ears such as endolymphatic hydrops which is aural fullness caused by fluid imbalance in your inner ears, Meniere’s disease which is idiopathic or primary endolymphatic hydrops, impacted earwax, cholesteatoma which is common among those with ruptured eardrums or a history of chronic ear infections and eustachian tube dysfunction, tensor tympani syndrome, hyperacusis which is heightened sound sensitivity, superior semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome which is caused if there is a tiny hole in an inner ear bone covering the superior semicircular canal, sudden sensorineural hearing loss, acoustic neuroma which is an uncontrolled but malign growth on the cranial nerve and labrynthitis which is an inner ear inflammation caused by viral infection.

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Stop Ringing in Ears Immediately

Aural fullness, excessive wax buildup and even infections are easy to deal with. There are antibiotics that can work for bacterial infections. Excessive earwax can be got rid of. Fullness or heightened sensitivity can be managed. It is the constant ringing in ears that is complicated to deal with, more so because there is no specific cause identified yet and there is no specific medicine that you can be prescribed.

Traditional medicine has no cure. Many people think surgery is the answer but that would not stop ringing in ears immediately. That is simply because tinnitus no known cause so one cannot really ascertain what to treat surgically.

How to Stop Ringing in Ears?

The only ringing in ears treatment you should opt for is a completely natural remedy. There is no medical or surgical cure for tinnitus. It is a chronic condition so you cannot expect the symptoms to subside as you may experience with fever, cold, infections and inflammations. There are some natural tinnitus treatment for ringing in ears that you can try at your home without spending a fortune and without signing up for any invasive procedure.

The natural remedies do not have to replace any noninvasive and safe treatment or therapy that you may have already undergone. For instance, acoustic therapy can provide some relief, however temporary it is. A meticulous approach to stay away from all kinds of loud noises, physiotherapy, exercises and custom diets can definitely provide some respite. But none of these will actually stop ringing in ears permanently.

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