Is There A Cure for Tinnitus?

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Is There a Proven and Natural Cure for Tinnitus?

More than fifty million people in the United States suffer from tinnitus at any given point in time. Many find an answer to is there a cure for tinnitus but most don’t. Traditional medicine has no cure for tinnitus. Medicines and prescribed topical solutions don’t work.

Is There A Cure for Tinnitus

There are some remedies wherein one may find temporary relief, that is from the discomfort, but the symptoms soon become equally bothersome if not more severe. While over fifty million people have tinnitus in America, more than a hundred million have some problems with hearing or in the ears. It is necessary to segregate the various physiological, cellular and neurological problems so an informed remedial course may be opted for. Before we discuss the resolute answer to is there a cure for tinnitus, let us quickly distinguish the condition from other ear problems.

Common Ear Ailments

Normally, we associate every ailment with its first symptoms. Any discomfort, pain, irritation or strange sensation will lead us to believe there is something wrong in that part of the body. In many cases, the pain experienced may not be caused at the exact place but it could be referred pain. For instance, spinal problems can cause neck pain and even headache.

You would presume neck pain is caused due to some problem in the region around the neck but the actual cause can be at your lower back. This is referred pain. Headache may not appear to have anything to do with the spine but a pinched nerve somewhere in your backbone can cause headaches.

There are some symptoms of ear problems that may not seem to be related to the auditory sense. Vertigo, dizziness, impaired vision and imbalance have many causes. The different causes are often completely unrelated and have no facilitating effect either. But these are symptoms of ear ailments. The most common ear problems are vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis and Meniere’s disease.

Vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis are infections caused by inflammation in the inner ears. These could happen in one or both ears. The inflammation actually affects the nerves connecting the inner ear and the brain.

The inflammation or the infection can cause vertigo, there can be mild to severe dizziness, one would experience varying degrees of postural imbalance and there can be some effect on vision. The infection is mostly caused by viruses but some bacteria are also known to cause inflammations in the inner ear.

Meniere’s disease is similar to tinnitus as far as symptoms are concerned. One will feel the constant ringing in ears. The ringing sensation will be coupled with impaired hearing and there may be a certain degree of postural imbalance.

Meniere’s disease can also cause vertigo. While the disease is not common among people younger than forty, it is a chronic condition so immediate steps must be taken to avert any worsening of the condition or the symptoms. It must be noted that tinnitus and Meniere’s disease are different conditions. Tinnitus is also different from vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis. Multiple conditions may coexist but that is rare.

There is A Cure for Tinnitus

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Diagnosing Tinnitus

You should get diagnosed for tinnitus before you can look for appropriate remedies. You should never assume as the remedial measures will have absolutely no impact and your treatments may potentially facilitate the condition if it is inappropriate. For instance, some medicines prescribed for Meniere’s disease may not have any impact on tinnitus but might cause the symptoms to worsen.

Tinnitus can be diagnosed effectively as there are hearing tests, imaging tests and physical inspection. Usually one is recommended to undergo an MRI or CT scan, hearing or audiology tests are conducted and the skeletal structure of the ear is checked thoroughly to understand if there is any anomaly causing the symptoms or it is tinnitus.

The assessment is pretty much a case of eliminating possibilities. If there are no structural or skeletal anomalies, no neurological problems and no excessive wax buildup, if one is healthy and doesn’t have blood vessel disorders, atherosclerosis, malformed capillaries or is not on any medication that can cause the ringing sensation or other symptoms and finally if the possible ailments such as those discussed above are not the problems then one can ascertain it is tinnitus.

Are you Looking for A Permanent Cure for Tinnitus?

The reason why “there is no cure for tinnitus in traditional medicine” is simple. The exact cause is unknown. Traditional medicine works in a straightforward manner. Every treatment or remedy either targets the cause or the symptom.

There are medicines that are meant to only contain the symptoms, to provide temporary relief or to reduce the discomfort so one can go about living a relatively normal life. Then there are treatments that are specifically meant to eliminate the causal factor.

Tinnitus can have one or several causes. It can be a simple case where exposure to loud noise or years of working in a noisy environment has caused tinnitus. It could also be a complex case wherein more than one inner ear problems along with facilitating factors as can be ascertained from the medical history of an individual are causing tinnitus. Anything from tumors in the neck or head to joint disorders in the face can cause or facilitate tinnitus.

Fortunately, there is an answer to is there a cure for tinnitus. The answer is Tinnitus Cure Secrets. You would find an eBook that doesn’t recommend surgery or any invasive treatment.

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on innumerable tests!

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You don’t need antibiotics or synthetic medicines that anyway have a ton of side effects. You don’t need to undergo extensive medical procedures!

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