Top 10 Ways to Cope with Tinnitus

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How to Cope with Tinnitus without Side-Effects

Sounds exist all around us, whether they’re the ones we want to hear or not. Despite there being no such thing as complete silence, our ears are excellent at choosing what sounds they allow us to register and drowning out background noise that’s otherwise non-essential. But what if the sounds aren’t coming from the environment and are being produced in our ears themselves?

How to Cope with Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a common problem among many individuals that’s not quite as serious as it seems, but can cause a world of poor concentration and limited productivity. Often described as a ringing sound in the ears, tinnitus can’t be muted out like the other unnecessary background noise in our environment because it comes from inside the ear itself. While some might not think of it as a very big issue, once you experience that ever present buzzing, ringing, or whistling sound in your ear, you’ll soon find yourself unable to concentrate on even the most important things you need to do every day.

Tinnitus is caused by several different factors, and these can all exist on their own or all together, which is why some people suffer from the condition for many years without resolve. Some of the most common causes of tinnitus are:

Wax build-up
• Inner ear damage
• Middle ear infection
• Old age
• Abnormal bone growth in the ear
• Certain medical conditions and disease

Modern medicine has managed to come up with numerous ways to help people handle tinnitus, but most of these focus of relieving the symptoms rather than actually curing the condition. What’s more, they’re also likely to cause different side effects which require their own treatment, causing people to take medicine upon medicine just to make themselves feel comfortable.

How Tinnitus is Commonly Relieved?

1. Medications – This is the most common method prescribed by doctors to patients complaining of tinnitus to help subdue the ringing sounds. While there are no medications developed specifically for tinnitus, there are some that can target the condition. These medications are usually anti-depressants which are taken even in the absence of depression just to relieve tinnitus. This can be very dangerous, as anti-depressant medication is habit-forming and can cause severe side effects that can be more disabling than the tinnitus itself.

2. Creams – There are some specialists that suggest the use of certain creams and ointments to help reduce the ringing noise, but this could actually work against the welfare of the patient. Because tinnitus is caused by a problem inside the ear, placing ointment or cream around the periphery of the ear canal could block out ambient noises and further increase the volume of the tinnitus.

3. Therapy – One of the latest methods that have been developed to help people cope with tinnitus is therapy. During therapy, patients are taught to block out the noises with other ambient noises, and are given mental exercises to encourage them to focus on other sounds. Although this has some benefits, it can be impractical to avail of tinnitus retraining therapies as these are things you can learn at home for free, without the need for a therapist or specialist.

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Why These Methods Aren’t the Best?

While these methods of coping with tinnitus were developed by doctors and specialists, they’re not the best solutions for the condition. This is because the relief they provide are temporary and need to be followed up with frequent intake or practice in order to sustain results. What’s more, these methods often come with their own side-effects, which work against the interest of the person seeking relief and comfort. When it comes to tinnitus, the best solutions are still those that you can do yourself at home, and that offer lasting relief and cure without the potential for harmful side effects.

Natural Ways to Resolve and Cope with Tinnitus

1. Clean Your Ears – One of the most common causes of tinnitus is wax build up. The excess wax in an individual’s ears could be causing interference with the natural flow of sound, thus causing a ringing noise. That said, tinnitus can be resolved by simply cleaning out your ears regularly. Be careful not to insert your cleaning instrument too far into your ear canal however, as puncturing the ear drum could result to more complications. It also pays to keep in mind that wax might not be the only cause, but cleaning out the canal can help to reduce the volume of the ringing.

2. Ginkgo Biloba – This supplement is commonly found in supermarkets and drugstores, and is even present in some herbal teas. What ginkgo biloba does is that it increases circulation to the head and neck region, thus reducing the inflammation of blood vessels in the region. This promotes healthy and effective circulation, which can improve hearing and reduce noises in the ear. Keep in mind however that taking in ginkgo biloba will not produce immediate results. Rather, it should be made a part of the daily routine to cure tinnitus for good.

3. CoEnzyme Q10 – This is another supplement that can be used to reduce and completely resolve tinnitus, but much like ginkgo biloba, it does take some time. CoEnzyme Q10 works in almost the same way as ginkgo biloba, but focuses more on heart health. With a healthier heart, blood circulation is made more effective, and thus ear health is also improved. In this way, ringing is reduced and tinnitus is resolved naturally and without side effects.

4. Diet – Did you know that even your diet can affect the presence of tinnitus? Eating foods that are high in caffeine and sodium can aggravate tinnitus by reducing the blood flow to the head and neck region. This limits the circulation to the ears, and can produce a pulsating sound that often makes the ringing much louder. To reduce the chances of exacerbating tinnitus, be sure to watch your diet and avoid foods that are high in caffeine and salt.

5. Managing Sounds – For tinnitus caused by ear damage and irregularities in the bones, it is wise to steer clear of loud noises which could further damage the ear structures. By avoiding sources of loud noise, you effectively protect your ears from further damage and give them a chance to heal existing problems. Performing sound management while taking any of the aforementioned supplements will work wonders to cure tinnitus.

6. White Noise – By providing your ears something else to listen to, you can train your mind to focus on other sounds in the environment instead of the ringing sound in your ears. The steady hum of a light or the light whirring of an electric fan are great examples of white noise that make tinnitus less obvious. If you’re able to retrain your brain, you can effectively lose focus on the tinnitus for good.

7. Lifestyle – It’s obvious now that lifestyle changes are important to make sure that tinnitus is aptly resolved. If you’re not the kind of person to engage in physical activity, it’s time to start exercising. Optimal blood circulation has been proven to relieve and reduce tinnitus, and this can be achieved not only with supplements, but also with regular exercise. Something as simple as a thirty minute routine everyday is good enough to help you towards curing your tinnitus for good.

Why Choose Natural Remedies to Cope with Tinnitus

Unlike medicines, creams, and other tinnitus treatments, natural remedies don’t have side-effects that could cause further discomfort. They’re also a lot more affordable and easy to avail of compared to medicines and other common ways of relieving tinnitus. But the biggest take-away is with natural remedies, you can say goodbye to tinnitus for good, while medicines, ointments, and therapies only help to reduce the noises.

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